Hot coffee and cold hours in the Kiel Canal

After lots of driving, gas station coffee and cold fingers from long hours of waiting around the Kiel Canal and the port of Hamburg, these pictures can now be presented online!
The Alexander B of Fesco, the Russian operator, here seen in the Kiel Canal
Dredring has to be done often in these fairways...
The tugboat Banckert passing by in the Canal.
Cellus of Södra Skogsägarna.
The French Line, CMA CGM, claiming to be on the rise in the container trade, fighting its way up the ladder fighting the big ones.
The Rose was built in 2005 and is capable of carrying 2824 TEU, LOA 222 meters and is currently trading between Europe and India and Pakistan
A few years back, the Deneb was flying the Unifeeder flag. Now, she is trading for the BCL. Here seen at the Buchardkai in Hamburg.
The Fennica taking pilot in the port of Hamburg
She was built in 1993 in Rauma, Finland,
HHLAs own pontoon crane moving a mobile crane.
Lotse 1, Pilot cutter no 1.


Roving Eye