Hamburg Port celebration

Some impressions from the " 817. Hamburger Hafengeburtstag" , The Port of Hamburg Birthday a growing Spectacular every year since 1989.
These pictures were taken in The Port of Hamburg and on the River Elbe on the 05.05.2006.

"Policing the Zone" is the M/S Seefalke, built 1981 in Lübeck by Orenstein & Koppel. She is wearing and has the typical Black hull with a Grey Superstructure of the fleet belonging to the German Coast Guard, belonging to the division responsible for Fishery Protection.

She is powered by 2x2941 KW Diesel Engines and is 82,90 meters long, is 13 meters wide and her draught is 4,40 meters and carries a Complement of 26. More on the German Coast Guards and The Vessels under: 

The Port of Hamburg is served by many Tugs with Firefighting capabilities. Here the "Branddirektor Kipping" of the Hamburger Firebrigade, one of their 4 Firefighting vessels. She is equipped with 2x490 Bhp diesels for a speed of 13 knots and to turn her 2x6000 Liter / min pumps. She also carries other Rescue materials f.ex. 15Cbm of Foam and is equipped with a 20meter Ladder mounted on a Turntable.

With her 31 years becoming old and 13 knots not very fast but fortunately the Firebrigade also has a fleet of Rubber Dingys of Highspeed boats for Search and Rescue on the Elbe and the Hamburg Waterways.

For 40 Consecutive Years, between 1948 and 1988, the Lightship ELBE 1 was a Welcome Greeting for Many a Vessel Heading to Hamburg in bad weather or in the hours of Darkness! Her real name is actually "Bürgermeister O'Swald" and her homeport is Cuxhaven.

Here she is tied up at the "Kaispeicher A" which is to house the "Elbphilharmonie" in the future, well actually they want to place it on top of the building! Visit "O´swalds Homepage: ( only in German ) for excellent pictures and for the ones understanding a little German telling a very interesting story.

The P283 HMS Mersey, Commissioned in December 2003 heading for the celebrations in Hamburg, looks like the lads are hurrying to the famous "Reeperbahn"........ 

A favourite indeed, the Icebreaking Stettin. Built by the Stettiner Oderwerke in 1933 and saw active use until 1981, becoming a historical monument in 1982. She is actually still coal fired and runs "only" on Quality Schlesian Coal I´ve been told.

The association responsible for her well being is running an excellent homepage: (German and English) and is well worth a visit!

Pilot Boat " LOTSE 2 ". She and her sister, the " LOTSE 1 " are used by the Port Pilots and the Elbe Pilots for Pilot Exchange off Finkenwerder. 

The German Frigate FGS 207 Bremen (Type 122 Bremen Class - CODOG ) Making use of her General Electric Gas Turbines ( Burning Tax Payers Money ) off Blankenese. Commissioned in 1982 she and her Seven Sister Vessels are based in Wilhelmshaven. Her max displacement is quoted at 4700 tons and she carries a complement of 219.

Built mainly for anti-submarine Warfare ( but now towed array sonars ) the class commissioned in the period between 1982 and 1990 is also well equipped for anti-aircraft and anti-surface warfare.

Since 1994, the German Navy has been introducing the F123 Brandenburg class (Anti-Submarine) and the F124 Sachsen class (Air-Defence).

The Type 122 is expected to be replaced by the Type 125 by 2010 (Fitted with Land-Attack capabilities for Peacekeeping!).

River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel P282 HMS Severn making a Grand sight off Hamburg´s Blankenese. She and here sisters the, above mentioned P283 Mersey and the P281 Tyne were all built by Vosper Thornycroft in Southampton to replace the 5 aging "Island-Class" Patrol vessels all of which have now been sold for further service abroad.

They are not helicopter fitted but can carry Landing Craft. Their Spec. Sheet includes the following: Displacement: 1677 Tonnes, 79,9 Meters long, 13,6 Meters wide and their design draft is 3,8 meters. To achieve a top speed of 20 knots, each is fitted with a pair of Ruston Diesels of 4125 KW Each. For boarding other vessels at sea, each is carrying 2 Halmatic Launches capable of doing over 30 Knots.

Their principal role is Fishery Protection along with Other patrol dutes, Counter-Drug & Smuggling Operations, Search and Rescue and other assistance and aid at Sea. The class carries a complement of 29.

HADAG´s Kirchdorf built by J.J.Sietas Hamburg, Neuenfelde in 1962. One of a series built by several Yards in Hamburg in the late Fifties and beginning Sixties to carry out Ferry Services with in the port.

Her dimensions are: 27,13 Meters long, 7,52 meters wide on a draught of 2,9 meters and measures 265 GT. She was restored to her former glory in 1999 and is a fine example of the Hamburg Port Ferries serving until to date.

Her sisters have found new lease of life as Port Ferries in Lisbon, Floating Restaurants or floating homes, some have been scrapped. Being a floating museum, she can be chartered for leisure trips or parties. 


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