At the Buss Hansa terminal, Hamburg

At the Buss-Hansa terminal in Hamburg, late December 2005

The Egbert Wagenburg

Here the Egbert Wagenborg at The Buss Hansa Terminal Berth 084 Discharging her Cargo of Empty Containers from Reykjavik. On the Right side one can see a heap of "English General Cargo" ready to be loaded.

Blt. 06/1998 Bijlsma NL - 9,200 DWT / 6,510 GT LOA 134,50m Beam 16,50m Draft 7,10m - 604 Teus - Non-Celled Multi-Purpose Carrier - Boxed Holds. Owned and Operated by Koninklijke Wagenborg of the Netherlands.


The FOCS Tenerife

FOCS Tenerife at The Buss Hansa Terminal Berth 081 loading Containerised Cargo. She is on the Canary Island Run along with her sisters OPDR Cadiz and OPDR Las Palmas

Blt. 08/2002 Mawei CN - 7,900 DWT / 7,150 GT LOA 125m Beam 20,6m Draft 7,30 - 697 Teus - Fully Celled Container Carrier owned and Operated by OPDR.


Photo: Halldor Halldorsson


Roving Eye