Stena Scaninavica IV


The Stena Scandinavica IV spent the night at the berth where the Stnea Freighter is to discharge this morning, so she has to move over to the Stena Denmark berths further in port.

And the Stena Freighter arrives, complete with a photographing gentleman in flourescent clothes on the monkey island (to the left of the mast arrangement on this picture), probably documenting one of the vessels last calls in Gothenburg.

And on to this mornings main attraction; the Stena Scandinavica arrinving from the last weekend trip in Kiel.

There was even some bleak sun this morning, just breaking through the clouds before she went under the bridge.

With a lot of passengers, she passed the old crane at Eriksberg, about to discharge her cargo and passengers.

All above pictures from the morning of April 17th, 2011.



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