Stena Conquest


The Stena Conquest was dry docked in Gothenburgs Cityvarvet for a few days the week before Firday 13th of June. After dry docking she spent yet another day at the berths of the repair yard.

Apparantly, Stena took the chance of making this a photo opportunity, eventhough weather was not at its best, the tugs held here at this position for about ten minutes, while a helicopter was circling the area.

The land mark crane of the long since closed Eriksbergs shipbuilders in the background, as well as several house building cranes behind. To the right, outside the picture, Stenas passenger and cargo ferries to Germany is berthed.

The citys steam and veteran ships berth is passed slowly...

Picking up speed and passing the Älvsborg bridge for open sea...

According the Stena Bulk website, this is one of the three sisters Stena Conquerer, Stena Italica and Stena Conqest, all built 2003-2004 and especially for trading in the US and around the caribean.

On these pictures from 11th and 13th of June 2008, during a dry dock visit in Gothenburg.





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