Observations, 2004, pt II, summer


Local tanker, Älvtank, downstreams in the river, approaching the "Götaälvs" bridge.
The Ambassadeur of the Netherlands, loading modules at the old Arendal shipyard.
Anna Oden, trading for Cobelfret, at the Älvsborg terminal.
Local tanker, Bitfjord, with the Skarvik oil terminals to the left.
Svitzer tug, Bob, on charter for the local tug boat company, "Röda Bolaget".
Norwegian tanker Breeze at the Skarvik Oil terminal.
Stena Carisma on her way to Gothenburg
Stena Jutlandica inbound, and the Chastine Maersk at the Skandia Container Terminal.
Tour boat Paddan, approaching one of the very low bridges. To make it under, passengers can not sit upright in their seats. They have to lie down.
Princess of Scandinavia on her way to her berth at the Free port. Here seen from Hising Island.
Unifeeders Sirrah making a turn to berth with her starboard side to the container terminal.
Time is Money is a fact, but the paintjob on this one? A Dutch coaster with a name like a racehorse and a colour like nothing else, downstreams. Here seen a bit further up the river from Gothenburg.
The Värmland of Team Lines make ready to come alongside at the Skandia Terminal in Gothenburg on a sunny septemer afternoon.


All the above pictures from the first half/summer of 2004.



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