Observations, 2004, pt 1


Bitumen carrier Alcedo, one of the newest vessels with a blue and yellow flag.
Amstelgracht, at the old Arendal Shipyard, lifting platforms
Svitzer tug, Bob, on charter for Röda Bolaget.
Bro Jupiter inbound for Skarvik oil terminal
Cielo Di Bothnia at Skarvik.
Unifeeders Comet inbound for the container terminal of Skandia harbour.
Heavy lifter Happy Bucchaneer at what once was the Arendal Shipyard.
Product tanker Nimbus.
Stena Foreteller inbound to Gothenburg, an overcast morning.
Tor Flandria in fog.
Windena outbound, with the Eriksberg crane in the background.


All the above pictures from the first half of 2004.



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