Orskov yards, Denmark



Caledonian Vanguard

Dry docked at Orskov Yards, the Caledonian Vanguard.
It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!
One of the pods used for the vessels propulsion.


Jo Kiri

The Jo Krir was built in 2002, but the bridge has no direct connection to the engine room.

Work in progress!
And no time for coffee breaks in the engine control room.
Fresh coats of paint.

Pride of Telemark

A flooded enginerrom and control room is being re-fitted, re-cabled and refurbished.

Princess of Norway

The engineroom of Princess of Norway was hot and noisy. This was the only engineroom visited during the day with engines running.
A bridge view, with nice floorings and pretty large space for all the visitors!

Controls on the bridge wing.

Island Scout

The last vessel visited this day was the Norwegian supply vessel Island Scout.
Wooden decks, open and clear for cargo carried to and from oil rigs.

This was the most crowded bridge we saw during the day, and clearly not built to accomodate around 20 visitiros at the time, but looked very neat and efficient for what it was made for!

Same goes for the engineroom.
Many thanks to the people at Orskov and the crews of all the vessels that we where allowed to visit during this day in Frederikshavn. We all had a very good day and met interesting people and learnt a lot of things that we didn't know about ships and dry docks!


Roving Eye