Round the berths of Barcelona


More modern container vessels also here. The SCI Kiran of Shipping Corporation of India



Barcelona is one of the larger cruise ports in the area, and every morning a new set if cruisers arrive, just to leave by dinner time again...

Haven't been able to find any reliable information on this one. Anyone who can help?

Jolly Bianca, container and roro-combination trading for Linea Messina around the Mediterranean sea.

One of the many lines operatiing in the area is Bulcon. Here represented by the contianer vessel Stanko Staikov, built in Varna 1983 she can carry 564 TEUs at best.

More container carrying roros: Cotunav is the Tunisian states shipping line trading between Tunisia and Europaen ports in the med. The Ulysses was built in 1997 and carries 100 passengers on top of cars, trailaers and containers.

Tours around the port of Barcelona are done in catamarans like this one.

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