Ships at Vlissingen


Al Abdali of United Arab Shipping Company.
Car Carrier Asian Breeze is catching a few rare rays of sun.
Another car carrier, this one of UECC, the Autosky.
The CEC Century can carry containers on deck, and general cargo in the holds, passing by in ballast.
The Donizetti is taking on board a Belgian pilot.
Else Marie Theresa, also taking pilot.
Etagas with a pilot cutter.
The Fortuna I, and another pilot in close attendance.
Happylady. In ballast, and where is the pilot?
The Hero of Hapag Lloyd head on!
The Hero was built in 1996 and is rated at 2944 TEUs.
Yet another tanker: the Lady Stephanie.
More containers: Marie Delmas. And it is getting dark now.
MSC is using Antwerp as their North European hub: a lot of their vessels pass by here. This is the Ans.
A bulker is waiting for pilot while we are passing by on the small ferry crossing the Schelde.

Olinda Castle; starting her engines to make passage up the river.
Not a fishing vessel, the Pembroke Fisher.
The Pongo is the smallest vessel we see on this visit here.
One last Hapag Lloyd box carrier: completed in 2003, the Thurungia Express is rated for 4051 TEUs and is one of six in the Westfalia class.

Pilots of Vlissingen


Roving Eye